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Class Property


StaticVars Class

StaticVars.ApiExpRT As Integer, Read/Write

Notes API driven export for Notes rich text fields.

In all versions of Integra prior to 4.0, Notes rich text is exported using the Notes Client user interface. The method used is basically to open each rich text field with a special form, to select all rich text content and to copy it into the Windows Clipboard. The Clipboard content is then pasted into the Word document at the defined place.

This method has two side effects: flickering of the screen because of the opening and closing of UI documents and a very low performance for that exact same reason.

With Integra 4.0 a new Notes API driven method is used. The Notes API provides some undocumented functionality to export Notes rich text to a rich text file. This new method works much faster and also avoids the UI as the vehicle of getting rich text out of Lotus Notes. The new API export is the default method.

Sometimes, the fidelity of both methods differs, thus the old UI driven export might give better results. The example code showing below explains how to switch back to the old UI driven rich text export.


  UI driven rich text export



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