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Shireburn Software Ltd are pleased to announce Symphony Editions Integra for Notes and Integra Quick Reports products which currently are the leading Lotus Notes to Microsoft office integration solutions. Recently awarded the Chief Technology Officer Innovation Lotus Award at Lotusphere 2009, versions of these products are currently available and more development is proceeding in parallel with the development of IBM Symphony.

Integra for Notes Symphony Edition allows the generation of reports from your Lotus Notes 8 data to IBM Lotus Symphony, leveraging the power of Symphony to improve the presentation of your Lotus Notes data and enhance the ability of analyse this data through the use of Symphony's Data Pilot (pivot table) graphs, and mail merge.

As with the Microsoft Office Edition of Integra, two products are available:
  • Integra for Notes - Symphony Edition - this allows designers to predefine report layouts selecting fields from Notes documents as well as computed fields, accessing data from multiple views and databases. Integra for Notes enable data access from response hierarchies, multi-value fields etc.
  • Integra Quick Reports - Symphony Edition - is aimed at the end-user providing a simple 4 step wizard to allow end-users to create their own reports to Lotus Symphony.

Data is able to be presented in a Symphony spreadsheet grid providing improved analysis using Symphony’s Data Pilot facility as well as graphs and users are able to further analyze their reports using Symphony's other facilities.

As a result, data becomes more accessible and usable to end-users, thus enhancing the quality of their analysis and presentation. In addition the time usually devoted by Domino developers creating custom reports is removed, saving time and removing costs. Integra increases responsiveness and productivity. In tests undertaken using Integra Quick Reports’ in a typical environment report generation saves over 90% of a developer's time.

The Integra Quick Reports 4 step wizard is very simple and designed specifically for end-users with each of the 4 steps allowing definition of: the data in Step 1, sorting, grouping and graphs in step 2, filtering in step 3 and out put options such as e-mailing, PDF conversion etc in step 4. Simplicity is the design bar for the system in tune with the audience being end-users.
Data filtering, grouping and sorting can be defined within the Integra report profile or determined at runtime by the end-user.

In addition to being able to report on any data within the current view, Integra also allows data to be accessed from fields on the Notes document without the need for their inclusion in the view. Data is also able to be accessed from other views both within the same database and from other databases using a very simple point and click interface. Integra for Notes also supports access from transactional databases such as DB2, SAP, Oracle, mySQL, MS-SQL etc.

Integra is accessed directly from any Lotus Notes view using the Integra SmartIcon and does not require any changes to the design of the Notes application, thus avoiding regression testing, documentation updates and version control roll-outs. You can also optionally execute Integra from an Action Button in a view or form. Integra is a Notes application (.NSF) and no installation of any separate EXEs or DLLs are required.

Once Integra has been run, the data can appear in Symphony within a tab in the Lotus Notes environment ensuring a seamless sense of reporting and data analysis from within Notes. Reports can also be automatically distributed as attachments in your e-mail both in ODF or PDF format. Integra ships with a license for the IntegraPDF writer.

Options to automate distribution of reports by e-mail, attaching reports to Notes documents and/or sending doclinks to reports ensures the integration of reporting as a part of the business workflow.

Integra for Notes and Integra Quick Reports - Symphony Editions currently supports exporting of data to Lotus Symphony's Spreadsheet and Document for Mail Merge.


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