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Reporting and Microsoft Office® integration for IBM Lotus Notes®

End-users are then able to run these proles from within the Notes application itself resulting in the predened report being created in Excel, Word, PDF or XML format. Reports can be run on-demand, using a Lotus Notes client, web browser, or on a scheduled basis and automatically e-mailed, saved back to Notes or the le system or simply printed.
Integra4Notes allows the integration of Microsoft Oce into the Notes based business process. Integra replaces the need for in-application development of Office integration providing order of magnitude improvements in developer productivity and reducing invasive design changes and version control of Notes applications

Things you should know about Integra
  • Does not require any installation of EXEs or DLLs on workstations or servers
  • Removes the need for any changes to the design of the Lotus Notes databases from which you are reporting
  • Reduces the need for creating bespoke views in Lotus Notes
  • Respects all Lotus Notes security. Users only report on data available to them according to their ACL settings

Ad-hoc reporting for Lotus Notes® end users
Integra Quick Reports allows end-users to generate ad-hoc reports and mail merges from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Word® and Excel®.

Consisting of an easy to use 4 step wizard, Integra Quick Reports allows end users to:
1. Determine the data content of their report/mail merge
2. Determine the sort order of data and use of grouping and sub-totaling, pivots and charts
3. Filter data according to user dened conditions
4. Determine output options such as e-mailing, converting to PDF

The simple 4 step wizard allows end-users with very limited knowledge of Lotus Notes to generate a quick report without having to resort to the assistance of a Notes Developer.
The user is able to work with the data, generating mail merges, labels, graphs, pivot tables, macros and all other standard features of these powerful desktop tools.
Integra Quick Reports provides the ability to delegate simple reporting tasks out to the end-user and reduces the time and effort of developers to support corporate reporting.
Launch Integra Quick Reports through a Smarticon or action button from any Notes view using a Notes client or
web browser.
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