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Migrate from Notes or Export Rich Text from Notes Document to Microsoft Word.

The fact that Integra for Notes doesn’t need any design changes in the databases you wish to export from, makes it a perfect tool for migrating the data from within your Notes environment to the file system.

Use Integra for Notes for instance for quick dumps to Excel, csv, Extraction of embedded objects, attachments, or the merging of multiple documents into an archive in Word.. We were the tool of choice for many migrations, ask us what would be the possibilities in your specific scenario.

Microsoft Word

There are multiple ways in which Integra for Notes can assist you to migrate away from Lotus Notes. Depending on your specific requirements we can utilize either Word-, Excel-, TXT- or XML export formats. For instance, in the scenario of a document library database, the Word export provides the capability to fill up meta data fields of Word, while filling up separate Notes fields to specific Wordfields. The Word export also allows for the detachment of embedded or attached objects within the Notes document, and than link, attach or embed these files in the new Word document(s) or even include the entire content within that same Word document. Scenario's like these would for instance also allow for dynamic naming of the saved files (for instance depending on certain fields within the Notes documents). It is even possible to combine multiple Notes documents within one Word document, allowing you to store all response documents to a certain main document in the same Word document.

Microsoft Excel

Excel could proof to be the tool of choice when the result of the Export needs further enhancements and Excel is already widely used within the organisation. Integra for Notes allows for the user to add calculations (and graphs) while generating the endresult. Excel is great for the export of large numbers of fields and a fair amount of documents. However, Excel is limited in the number of rows and columns available (see related document in our extended FAQ-database).


In scenarios of migrating hugh amounts of data for archiving or to make it available for another environment, the TXT, CSV or XML export can generate a line within the file for each Notes document, exporting all the fields specified by the user.

New Skills required?

Integra for Notes utilizes Notes and MsOffice skills. We understand, that once the company has decided to move away from Lotus Notes, one does not wish to invest in new skills nor does one wish to spend hours and hours to set up a migration tool. We have extensive experience in migration projects, and we offer our services to setup the profiles required to migrate fast and without the need for additional investments in time and knowledge.

A list of simple questions tell you a lot about the complexity of your migration:

  1. Do you have Rich Text Fields that need to be exported?
  2. Do you wish to combine main documents with their response documents and put them or store them together?
  3. Do you wish for meta-data to be combined with your documents?
  4. Do you have multi-value fields?
  5. Do you wish to enhance \ clean-up the data while exporting?

Let us know how we can assist you with your migration:

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