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Message: Please run the export from within a view

The error message "Please run the export from within a view" can occur when running an Integra for Notes profile or when running Integra Quick Reports.

This error can occur in one of 2 situations:

Running Integra on a database whose Bookmark is set as the Home Page
    Lotus Notes allows a database bookmark to be set as the Home Page. As a result of this setting, when the Lotus Notes client is opened, this database will automatically be opened.

    When running Integra on a database set as the Home Page using a Lotus Notes 6.x client, the error message Please run the export from within a view will occur. This error is caused by the mishandling by the Lotus Notes 6.x client of a database set as the Home Page and the only workaround currently existing is the removal of the database as being Home Paged, even temporarily. This error does not occur when using the Lotus Notes 5.x client.
Launching from an Action Button or Hotspot in a Web Browser
    This situation only occurs when accessing an Integra profile from a web browser.

    Integra allows the setting of an Action Button or hotspot on a Notes form which can be set to launch a particular named Integra profile (see FAQ Launching Integra from an Action Button). While the code for launching the Notes client does not vary depending on whether the launch is occuring from a view or a form, a difference exists for the code to be used for the Web Browser with the UseCurrentDoc parameter set to 1 or 0 when launching from a view or form respectively. The above error message will occur if the hotspot is set to launch from a view and the attempt is made from a form.


FAQ# 0083
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