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Special Configuration of Adobe Acrobat & Acrobat Distiller

Integra is particularly sensitive to a specific property of the Acrobat printer driver which must be de-selected for the correct operation of the PDF options in Integra for Notes 4.x. This option is the Do Not Send Fonts to Distiller option which can be found in the Acrobat printer driver’s properties. This driver may be called Adobe PDF or Acrobat Distiller depending on what has been installed and different product versions.

To ensure that this property is set correctly following these steps:
  • Click on the Windows Start Button
  • Select the Printers & Faxes option. This will present you with the list of currently installed printers and faxes on the workstation.
  • Right click on the Adobe PDF or Acrobat Distiller icon (if you see both make this change in turn in both drivers)
  • Select the Properties option. This will present you with a dialog (see alongside) displaying the properties of the Acrobat printer driver.
  • Select the Printing Preferencesbutton and then click on the Adobe PDF Settings tab within this dialog box. You will be presented with the options shown in the screenshot below:
  • Ensure that the Do not send fonts to Distiller option is deselected.

In the event that this property is set on a workstation or server that is running an Integra profile with PDF generation facilities, a specific error message will be provided to the user indicating that this option should be disabled.


FAQ# 0117
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