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What's New in Integra for Notes 4.5 and Integra Quick Reports 4.5

This document outlines the new features and benefits available within Integra for Notes 4.5 and Integra Quick Reports 4.5 as a guide to existing users of previous versions of the products to allow them to assess the value of these new versions.

For a detailed explanation of these new features download
What's New in Integra for Notes 4.5.

Compatibility with IBM Lotus Notes 8
Version 4.5 of Integra for Notes and Integra Quick Reports support the use of IBM Lotus Notes 8
Enables companies who are moving to IBM Lotus Notes 8 to carry forward their Integra functionality unaltered without the need to make changes to their current infrastructure.
Integrated PDF Writer software & license
Integrated PDF Writer - Integra now ships with the Integra PDF Writer capability built in (requires separate installation on the desktop). All licensed users of Integra for Notes or Integra Quick Reports are licensed for the Integra PDF Writer software.
Enables the PDF export capability which has to date supported various 3rd party products to also use Integra PDF Writer without the need for separate end-user licensing, reducing costs of deployment.
Ad-hoc reporting from multiple databases
Users of Integra Quick Reports are now able to generate their ad-hoc reports picking information from multiple Lotus Notes databases rather than the single database that was previously supported.

The more fields option now opens up to offer a link facility which allows selection of the key field to be looked up, definition of where to look and what to return. All this is undertaken using a very simple lookup wizard.

This enables the reach for data available even to non-technical users to be extended into those situations where data is spread across multiple views and/or databases.
This feature enables the ad-hoc reporting capabilities of users to be extended across data stored in multiple locations enhancing the reporting capability.
Improvements to Lookup Wizard in Integra4Notes
User Interface and layout improvements have been undertaken for the Lookup wizard contained in Integra for Notes itself. These changes have grouped the parameters of the wizard more clearly into sections related to What and Where to lookup the data and the Result required.

The field labels used for the parameters have also been changed to make them more explanatory.
This feature ensures lookups are effected more easily within the Integra profile resulting in higher productivity for developers and also enabling those super-users who are not developers to extend the reach of their capabilities with Integra into reporting from multiple views and/or databases.
Compatibility with Microsoft Office
Version 4.5 of Integra for Notes and Integra Quick Reports support the use of Microsoft Office
Enables companies implementing Microsoft Office 2007 to operate their Integra functionality.

The latest version of Integra for Notes is available for clients with an up to date maintenance agreement from our upgrade site.


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