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This page allows people to see Integra at work either by watching a short demo, or a more extensive recorded presentation. At the bottom of this page, you will also find some links to try things yourself on the web enabled example database or for you to obtain the fully functional evaluation version and try it on your Notes client (and maybe even on your own databases).

Short Demos Videos
End-User perspective. How to
- Link -
Running an Excel Report in Integra
Click here
Exporting data from multiple databases
Click here
Running a Word mail merge letter
Click here
Field Maps in Quick Reports
Click here
Running Mail Merge in Word on the Web
Click here
Running Excel Report from the Web
Click here
Stored Filters in Quick Reports
Click here
Running Pivot Table Report
Click here
Generating labels in Word
Click here
Integra Migration to Word
Click here
"Send Customer Statement" - Example Report / Workflow
Click here
"Make Quotation" - Example Report / Workflow
Click here
Create Ad-Hoc reports (With Integra Quick Reports)
Click here
Create Ad-Hoc reports (With Integra Quick Reports via Web)
Click here
Do a Mail Merge, on-the-fly
Click here
Advanced User perspective. How to
Reporting from multiple Notes Databases
Click here

You can also Download and Listen to this TakingNotes Podcast featuring Integra at your own convenience.

On-Line Browser Web Demonstration of Integra for Notes

To give you a feel of how the product would work on your web enabled databases, we have web-enabled our Time Sheets Example database. It's basically the same database as the one you can download for your Notes client, and will give you instant access to Integra's functionality.

Requirement for your security settings to be able to run this demo
  1. If you use pop-up blockers you need to disable them during the demo or if possible configure the blocker to allow pop-ups from our website (as mentioned above).
  2. If you use a personal firewall such as Zone-Alarm, you also need to configure it accordingly.
  3. Adobe Flash Player is required.

Click here to access the on-line Time Sheets Evaluation.
Click here to get your own eval database

Note: Integra4Notes supports both the MS Internet Explorer and FireFox Browser.


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