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The Integra for Notes family of products allow users of IBM Lotus Notes to integrate their Notes corporate data with Microsoft Office. Our users utilise Integra to generate Excel and Word based output from their Lotus Notes environments either as a means of improved reporting, data analysis and charting or so as to include Office documents into their Notes based business processes, without the need of coding from Notes Developers, Excel and Word exports into your application, thus increasing productivity and reducing maintenance touch-costs while maintaining your flexibility and power.

The products enable data analysis, printing, graphing, mail merge and data importation into Lotus Notes by integrating Lotus Notes with Microsoft Word , Excel and XML files without modifying the design and without the need to install files on local machines.

The products in the Integra family are:
  • Integra for Notes – provides advanced integration and reporting allowing the creation of predefined insightful reports from multiple databases and sources including SAP and Oracle etc. >> more
  • Integra Quick Reports – allows end users to easily create ad-hoc reports to Excel and mail merge letters and labels to Word without developer intervention using a simple 4 step wizard. >> more

Download the datasheets and view demo’s here plus see what Integra for Notes does that other reporting solutions don’t: link to competitor analysis chart


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