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Integra for Notes is able to collate data either from single Notes documents, for instance pushing data to an Excel quotation, or from multiple Notes documents and pushing this data into one or more Word documents or to an Excel spreadsheet.

The flexibility of the tool, especially with its event driven LotusScript capabilities, results in an almost unlimited number of scenarios in which Integra can add value to your business process. Here is a non-exhaustive assortment of scenarios of uses for Integra:
  • Sales Reports – generate sales data from your Notes data to an Excel spreadsheet to allow in depth assessment of this information using charts, filters and pivot tables. Allow the end-user to be presented with a dialog box to make their reporting choices by region, between dates etc.
  • Quotations – generate an Excel quotation to a client listed in your Notes CRM database by selecting the client and running Integra. Fill in the quotation and allow Integra to convert it to a PDF file and e-mail the quotation and also to attach it a Notes document below the client in the CRM database.
  • Migrate Notes data – migrate your Notes databases by exporting each Notes document to Word and programmatically detaching any attachments to the file system. Embed the attachments or hyperlink them to the Word document.
  • Printing of Quality Documents – obtain fine control on layout of quality documents such as procedures (including “page 1 of 9"). Transparently push your quality documents to Word and automate their printing via Word at the click of a button.
  • Help Desk – analyze open help desk tickets in a spreadsheet, chart their status and distribute to responsible managers.
  • Mail Merge – merge contact details from a Notes database into a printed or e-mail shot in Word.
  • Labels – generate label formats using Word taking data from your Notes databases.
  • Import Word documents – upload Word documents from your file system to a Notes document library or quality system.
  • Upload Production Data – automate daily uploading of data from your production systems into a Lotus Notes database for distribution using a scheduled Integra profile.
  • Scheduled Reporting – generate a scheduled weekly report of sales by region into an Excel spreadsheet and distribute to the responsible regional sales managers.


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