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About the makers of the Integra products

The Shireburn Group, is the company behind the award winning (Apex2004, Lotus Advisor editors' choice 2005,2006 & 2007 & CTO & Innovation award 2009) product family Integra for Notes, Integra Quick Reports and Integra for Domino Administrators.

In addition to developing Integra for Notes and supporting our clients' use of the product across over 32 countries, Shireburn Software offers Integra profile creation services to enable our intimate knowledge of Integra to be leveraged in the production of Integra solutions for your needs. Shireburn Software is a highly competitive source for the development of these custom made profiles.

The company was established in 1983 and is a leading developer of solutions for the Lotus Domino and Notes environment, and is involved in providing a range of related services from consultancy, business process design and re-engineering, deployment planning, solutions development, training and on-going support.

Our 26 man team is particularly skilled at analysing business requirements and identifying where value can be provided through the implementation of workflow, knowledge sharing and document management applications, and particularly at integrating these solutions into the core business processes and technologies.

In addition, Shireburn Software also develops transactional solutions and is the leading developer of systems for finance, retail, inventory management and shipping in Malta, servicing over 600 companies.

Shireburn is located in Malta, a member of the European Union, which provides us with access to highly skilled staff at reasonable costs, working in an attractive environment. We support clients across 21 time-zones from our central location.

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