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Integra Comparison with Intelliprint

The Integra solution is very different from Intelliprint for a number of reasons, principal among which is the fact that Integra provides a solution for integrating Lotus Notes with Microsoft Office while Intellprint utilises its own proprietary engine. As a result with Integra, users can utilise office documents as a part of their Lotus Notes based business processes as well as using Excel or Word and PDF as a vehicle for reporting. So while Intelliprint provides just reporting using its own engine, Integra's leveraging of Office provides tremendous extra flexibility.

Key differences between Integra and Intelliprint include the following:
  1. Integra generates Notes data to Word & Excel rather than having its own limited reporting engine and so allows you to analyse and present your data using Excel’s facilities such as its graphs, pivot tables, filters, cross-tabs, conditional formatting etc. Intelliprint presents a static picture of your report
  2. Integra supports mail merge and labels in Word which Intelliprint cannot achieve
  3. Integra requires no software to be installed and maintained on the user’s workstation. Intelliprint requires the installation of an EXE on each user's desktop, the deployment of a number of DLLs and modifications to the Lotus Notes environment itself, making this a non-standard Lotus Notes configuration.
  4. Through the optional use of Integra's event driven programming model, Integra provides a depth of access to data and computational capability which is unique in the industry allowing more complex reporting challenges to be addressed using Integra. >> more about Integra events
  5. When data needs to be obtained from complex data structures like parent response documents or from multiple views and/or databases, Intelliprint requires the creation of an agent in your application to gather the data and pass this data ready collated to Intelliprint. This is an invasive approach requiring design modifications to your applications and the regression testing, document and version control cycle.
  6. Integra can import data from Word, Excel and TXT files in addition to its exporting functionality
  7. Integra can save reports as attachments in Notes, update Notes data, read data from multiple views, and even from other database sources such as SQL databases, SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards etc
  8. Once data goes to Word or Excel, macros can be run on the data to manipulate, calculate and reposition the data in accordance with your needs ensuring the desired presentation. For instance, this can be used for creating multiple Excel rows for a Notes document with a multi-value field.
  9. Integra provides Integra events which allows LotusScript and Notes formula to be executed in any one of the various points of execution in the Integra execution cycle allowing a greater depth of reporting and calculation than can be effected by Intelliprint.
  10. Integra allows execution through a Notes client, web browser as well as on a scheduled basis, all through the same product and license
  11. Integra provides Out-of-the-box support for export to PDF, mail enablement of reports, updating of Notes data, attachment of reports into Notes documents, doclinking etc
  12. Pricing for Integra is significantly more favourable.

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