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Integra Comparison with Lotus Notes in-built Features

Lotus Notes has 2 built-in facilities to export data from a Lotus Notes view:
  1. use of the File-->Export capability
  2. use of the Edit-->Copy As Table option

Both of these options are limited as follows:
  • both techniques require the data that you wish to export to be available within the view. As certain data is not able to be displayed in a view (examples are: data contained in other forms, views or databases, Rich-Text data, data from 3rd party databases such as SQL, SAP, Oracle, Access etc.)
  • they loose all colour and column width formatting
  • requires manual intervention
  • requires manual selection of documents for exporting or the exporting of all documents in the view
  • no support for Word
  • No PDF capability
  • Only Notes client based - does not support this capability for a user on a web browser nor is there any support for scheduling exporting
On the other hand, Integra allows one-click generation straight to Word, Excel and/or PDF with full formatting, graphs, filtering, pivot tables etc and selection of data from multiple views, databases and even 3rd party sources such as SQL database.

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