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Integra for Notes Training

Intermediate Reporting using Integra for Notes
Duration2 hours
Course CodeI4NInter
PrerequisitesKnowledge equivalent to that obtained throug courses I4NXL1 & I4NWD1
  • Selection of data from sub-forms
  • Introduction to some of the simpler Advanced Profile Options
  • E-mail enabling export profiles
  • Storing Exported Documents in Notes
  • Updating field data in Notes after export using Field Exchange
  • Handling Multi-value fields
  • Handling the exporting of a single value cell (rather than a column)
  • Filtering & Sorting
  • Document Protection in Excel and Word
  • Overview of Export methods – Standard, COM and XML
  • Triggering Excel and Word macros from Integra
  • Implementing Action Button/hotspot execution of Integra profiles from views and forms


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