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Do I need to change the design of my databases to use Integra for Notes?

Absolutely not. No changes whatsoever need to be made to the design of a database from which Integra for Notes needs to export or import data.

Unlike some competing products which require you to add hidden-design script libraries, forms, sub-forms and views into each of the databases from which you wish to export data, Integra requires no such changes. As a result with Integra:
  1. you can be confident that no Trojan code is being placed into your databases - a significant security failing of competing products.
  2. 3rd party Lotus Notes applications to which you may not have design access can still be used for exporting and importing data using Integra for Notes.

On the other hand, should you wish to add Action Buttons and/or HotSpots into your application to ease the running of reports by your users, then see the FAQ: FAQ: Calling an Integra Profile from a Notes Database Action Button

Note: the above applies, if Integra for Notes is used for Notes Client reporting. If Integra is used for web-enabled reporting using a browser as the client, design changes to the source database(s) are required. Integra provides functions to automate the inheritance of those design elements. The design elements that are inherited are open code.


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