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Do I need to install any software on user workstations to use Integra for Notes?

The simple answer is No.

No exe, dll or any other software is required to be installed on any user workstation for Integra to be useable. For a user to access the power of Integra for Notes, he selects the source database from which data is to be exported and selects the Integra for Notes SmartIcon on the Lotus Notes toolbar.

Distribution of the SmartIcon to users is automated. An administrator has access to a SmartIcon distribution method (see user manual) from which an e-mail is automatically created explaining what Integra for Notes is and containing an Install button as well as instructions to the user.

On selecting the Install button, the system automatically deploys the Integra for Notes icon onto the user's SmartIcon bar.

The code in the Integra SmartIcon as well as in the Install button is open to inspection so that you can be assured that no hidden illicit functionality is being deployed to your users.

It is also possible to optionally modify an application to include a Notes Action Button or HotSpot which automatically launches a defined Integra profile. See FAQ: How to Launch an Integra Profile from an Action Button


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