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Does Integra function on Linux or AIX servers?

Yes, but some features are not available or not fully supported:

Using the Notes Client

The Integra database may be hosted on any operating system supporting a Domino server and of course Linux, AIX etc are among these . It is important to note that the actual functionality of Integra is carried out on the workstation and not on the server. The server is usually really acting only as a data repository for the Integra profiles. So there is no problem in hosting Integra on a Domino AIX, Linux, Solaris server for instance as long as the workstation is running Windows. Integra uses Microsoft's COM technology to integrate with Word and Excel which is only available on Windows platforms. All Integra features are fully supported using the Notes Client.

Using the Browser (IE or FireFox)

Integra 4.2 was the first version fully supporting any operating system supporting a Domino server. Web-enabled Integra profiles can either run on a non Windows (Domino) server or on a Windows (Domino) server without Microsoft Office being installed. Of course Integra works quite different in such a scenario, as no COM operations can be executed on the server. Therefore Integra provides a number of Master Macro Templates which macros have to be inherited into the template of any web-enabled Integra profile. The server will simply push the empty template to the browser and upon opening the document, the contained macros will communicate with the server to receive the exported data.

Of course not all options available in the Integra profile are supported in a non Windows (non MS Office) server environment running web-enabled profiles, in particular those related to COM operations.

Scheduled Integra Profiles

Integra also supports the setting of scheduled Integra profiles which run on the server in accordance with a pre-timed schedule. Scheduled profiles run unattended and therefore must run on the server. Since there is no client to provide even for the minimum COM requirement of any Integra profile (the joining of the template and the exported data), so as to be able to execute scheduled profiles, the Domino server must be Windows based. In addition of course, in the case of scheduled profiles the server needs to have Word and Excel installed. As a result, if Integra is deployed on AIX, the scheduled profiles will not function.

The work around for this could be to have a PC on the network running Windows and a Notes client (not necessarily a server) with a replica of the Integra database on it and to have this set to run the scheduled profiles.


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