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How to install the Integra SmartIcon when users do not use Notes Mail

Note: Integra 4.2 does support SmartIcon distribution for non Notes mail users. The following applies to users of Integra 4.1 and earlier versions.

The standard procedure for deploying the Integra SmartIcon to users' Desktops is by a user with access to the [Admin] role within the Integra database to select the Configuration tab in the left hand navigator and selecting the SmartIcons tab. A link exists to Broadcast SmartIcon Installation. This allows the generation of an e-mail to those users that you wish to deploy Integra to. The e-mail contains an install button which when selected installs the Integra SmartIcon to the users' desktops and which is available after they exist and re-enter Notes.

But what if a user is not using Notes mail? The user will not be able to execute the install button.

In this case, users are able to utilise a new feature in Integra for Notes 3.0 (build 18 Feb 2003) from the Actions menu. Users need to select the Integra for Notes database and click on Actions -> Workstation Options -> Install Integra SmartIcon shown in the screen shot below:

This process will present the user with the same document that is generated through the e-mail providing an overview of Integra for Notes and an install button to deploy the Smarticon. Running the install button from this point has the same effect as running through the e-mail and thus bypasses the limitation on users who do not utilise Lotus Notes.


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