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Upgrading Integra for Notes via the web

Clients with a valid maintenance agreement are able to upgrade their version of Integra for Notes via the Integra web site. This can be done by any of the following means:
  • Selecting the Actions->Administration->Integra Update-Web Download Request option on the Notes menu when inside the Integra for Notes database.
  • By manually requesting the download via the Integra web site

Both these options are described below. Also note that the option exists to set Integra to automatically check daily for the availability of any new updates. This can be set in the Updates tab of the Configurationdocument of the Integra database. This option will only result in a defined e-mail address or addresses being notified of the availability of a new update and will obviously not effect the download and deployment.

Upgrading through the Actions Menu

The user is able to check for the availability of new updates and effect the download of the latest upgrade by selecting the option under the Notes Action menu called Administration->Integra Update-Web Download Request.

Selection of this option will provide the user with the ability to receive the upgrade either as an attachment to an e-mail or by being receiving an e-mail containing a link to a temporary URL complete with login and password from which the upgrade can be downloaded.

Upgrading through the Web Site

A user can point their browser to the Integra Upgrade page found at to check for and effect an upgrade to Integra for Notes. The user will be presented with the following screen:

This screen will require the user to enter various fields of information, further described below, following which the process will check the validity of the license key entered against Shireburn Software's records and whether the maintenance contract is still in force for your site.

The fields on this form are explained in the table below:

Field TitleDescription
Name of OrganisationThis field describes the customer name. It is used to log download attempts and records them under this organization’s name.
Contact NameThe name of the person whose is to be kept up to date with release information related to Integra for Notes.
e-Mail AddressThis field will be used to e-mail the new license key to the user within your organization.
Your Current VersionThis field requires entry of the current version of Integra in use by your company.
Select Version to UpdateThis field allows selection of the required version you wish to upgrade to, typically you would select the default version which would be the latest.

While seeming like an odd field, this field allows us to provide you with the facility to downgrade your version to a previous version in the event that you are experiencing any particular difficulties with running the current version.
ServerThis is the fully qualified Notes name of your Domino server and is used for defining the license key. It is important that this is entered correctly. This is not to be confused with your Internet domain.

Typical example entries here would be:

Current License KeyThis field is to hold the current license key. You can find this key by selecting the Configuration option in the Integra database’s navigator which will display the current license key in the License Details tab. Copy this key into your clipboard and then paste it into the appropriate field in your browser.

After filling in the Request Form and submitting it, the user will receive an automated email containing a link to a temporary page to allow the downloading of the Integra template and documentation manually.

When upgrading from one major release to another, Shireburn may choose to implement a new license key. This is the case for instance between versions 3.x and 4.x.

In such a case, the user undertaking the upgrade would receive an additional e-mail containing the details of the new license key. It is important to wait for this new key to be received prior to actually undertaking subsequent steps to refresh the design of your existing database as you will otherwise be locked out of the Integra application.

Following downloading or receipt of the new Integra template, we recommend that you thoroughly read the upgrading instructions provided prior to proceeding.


FAQ# 0119
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