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What skill level is required for a user to use Integra for Notes?

This largely depends on how the data being attempted to be accessed is organised.

A competent Notes user is able to create a flat profile with great ease. A flat profile is one which contains references to fields which are on the same form or sub-forms within the same database. On selection of a database and the form from which the data is to be accessed, the user is presented with a list of fields which are on the selected form and a series of check boxes followed by the use of the Add button will place the fields into the profile.

When a user wishes to access data from a different form in the same or even a different Notes database, then the user needs to create a computed field and apply the appropriate lookup formula (usually an @DbLookup formula) to determine the information from the defined Notes view. Our experience is that a competent user who might not even be a developer is usually able to get to this stage.

Further functionality is available to a user able to use LotusScript or more complex formula language. This functionality is placed within the Advanced tab of an Integra profile and allows the user to have full access to any functionality he or she is able to access using LotusScript. This obviously requires knowledge of LotusScript but allows access to an immense range of functionality.

As a result, it is fair to say, the greater the development skill, the greater the available functionality however our experience is that non-developers can create profiles. We also find that clients have often created profiles but then been unable to address the final step to obtain the data which is stored in less accessible places. These clients have often sent us the profiles to complete.


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