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Error in server/Integra log: The profile is currently being edited by another userand could therefore not be marked for execution with the next scheduled run on the server.

Cause: When an Integra profile is edited by a user, Integra flags the document in a Notes profile document. Before a scheduled profiles is executed, the Notes profile is checked to confirm that the Integra profile is not being edited. If it is still being edited, you will get the mentioned error in the server log database / Integra Log database.

In the event that the Integra profile is not properly closed (for example due to a Notes crash) the flag is not re-set, thus Integra will 'think' that the profile is still being edited.

Solution: In cases where you repeatedly get this error in the log whilst the profile is no longer being edited by any of your users you can address this issue by running 'Integra Maintenance'.

Running Integra Maintenance:
  1. Open the Integra Database using an ID having the [Admin] role on the database
  2. From the Notes menu bar go to: Actions\Administration\Integra Maintenance


FAQ# 0264
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