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Integra Partner Programme - The Value Proposition

The Integra4Notes family of products is the world leading solution for integrating Lotus Notes with Microsoft Office and is used by organisations to provide:
  • reporting facilities mainly through Microsoft Excel but also Word
  • pixel perfect printing via Microsoft Word
  • incorporation of Office documents as a part of the business process such as generation of Excel based quotations from a CRM application
  • mail merge letters and labels through Microsoft Word
  • importation of Excel and Word data and documents into Lotus Notes
Integra Business Partners are able to bring the benefits of the Integra4Notes family of products to their clients and their projects enabling them to:
  • improve the reporting and analysis capabilities relating to existing Lotus Notes applications
  • enhance the value of Notes applications that they produce as ISVs
  • improve the productivity of addressing Office integration by at least an order of magnitude
  • generate license revenue
  • drive the provision of service revenue from their clients
Integra is particularly well suited because:
  • in addition to being a solution to Office integration, it is also a framework for deployment of Notes to Office Integration across the enterprise.
  • it allows the definition of reports/exports and imports within Integra Profiles contained in the Integra NSF that define the data content, layout and distribution options for the report or export
  • it does not require any changes to be effected to the design of existing Lotus Notes applications, removing regression testing, updating of documentation, version control and deployment and removing the risk of effecting the integrity of these applications
  • it does not require the installation of any software on client workstations or Domino servers being that it is a Lotus Notes .nsf
  • through Integra’s Event Driven model ( developers have the greatest depth of capability of access to data and processing of this data.
  • It enables definition of Integration with Word and Excel which is typically at least 10 times faster than a developer using their own script libraries in each application with addition of a column to a report taking minutes rather than hours. This improves productivity and reduces time to market
  • Integra can be used through a Lotus Notes client, a web browser and scheduled, all within the same license
  • It supports both the definition of business reports/integrations and their execution by end users through the Integra4Notes product as well as the generation of ad-hoc reports by end-users using a simple 4 step wizard.
What support does Integra provide?

Integra supports partners so as to maximise the opportunity to be successful for the mutual benefit. The Integra partner programme provides the following:
  • a time based license to use Integra4Notes within partner organisation
  • the management of all product distribution and key generation
  • the provision of materials and resources for sales, marketing and product training
  • the management of maintenance schedules and renewals reminders to you about your own clients
  • the handling of all 2nd line product support
  • the provision of pre-sales assistance

Partner Levels

The Integra Partner Programme is divided into the following categories:
  • Premier Partner – these are organisations which invest in training of their sales and technical staff in all aspects of Integra, actively promote Integra widely within their market, provide Integra related services to their clients and prospects. Premier Partners demonstrate a continual drive for success with the Integra product line and have demonstrated a track record of successful Integra sales.
  • Partner - – these are organisations which have a basic level of Integra skills, promote Integra within their market, and provide Integra related services to their clients and prospects.
  • Reseller – these are organisations that provide a licensing channel for their clients without actively promoting Integra within the market
The margins applicable on Integra sales will vary according to partner level and commitment to the Integra product range.

Successful Integra Partners of course will have Lotus Notes Development skills and will have a services delivery capacity combined with business analytical skills allowing them to identify the opportunities where Integra for Notes can add value to the clients business process.

Integra Development Partners will probably be either:
  • ISV's selling a Notes based product to the Lotus Notes community and seeking to enhance their product offering with the capabilities offered by Integra or
  • independent consultancy or Notes development shops.
  • They will demonstrate an established channel to clients in the Lotus Notes market space and they will demonstrate a capability to drive sales of Integra.

Partner Referral Scheme

The Integra for Notes Referral Scheme delivers a margin on sales introduced by independent Lotus Notes specialists and IT consultants.
Integra for Notes brings significant service revenue opportunities for consultants who can enable reporting in Lotus Notes applications without the need to modify those applications or install any executables. By extending its reseller programme to include consultant referrals, this has empowered consultants to enhance the value of their customer relationships.
The scheme is effective July 1
st 2008.

Partner requirements

Organisations joing the Integra Partner programme are required to:
  • Sign a partner contract
  • Leverage their relationship with existing and new customer base to sell Integra4Notes
  • Gain product knowledge in order to deliver sales
  • Provide basic product support
  • Respond to client and prospect queries in a timely manner
What do I receive as an Integra Partner?

As an Integra Partner you will receive a license to run Integra for Notes within your company both for your own use as well as for demonstration and development purposes. Of course this license is a Not for Resale license and is subject to periodic renewal based on your performance as an Integra Partner.

You will be listed on our web site as an authorised partner for the applicable geographic region.

You will also receive e-training from us to enable you to maximise the sales potential of Integra for Notes among your clients as well as background technical training.

As a Partner you will receive a reseller margin on the sales effected. This applicable margin will be a function of your sales volumes and commitment to our product.

You will also be able to bring to your clients the opportunity to solve a burning issue for all Notes sites, that of reporting and data analysis which are well known weaknesses of the Lotus Notes environment. This will open up services revenue for your organisation.

How to become an Integra Partner

Enrolling as an Integra Partner involves entering into our Partner agreement which will be supplied to qualified enquirers. Once the agreement is in place, you will start to take the benefits of our partnership. Contact us to learn more about the Integra Partner Programme. Contact us for more information.


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