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Considerations for server-side Automation of Microsoft Office

When configuring a Domino server for Windows to run Integra for Notes profiles on a scheduled basis or as web-enabled profiles through a browser client, there are a few settings that one needs to address. Besides the configuration issues of Integra for Notes, there are some considerations with regards to server-side automation of Office.

The following link points to a Microsoft website that talks about this subject:

We want to concentrate here on one particular aspect that may create a problem when installing or upgrading to Microsoft Office 2003 SP2. The service pack 2 has a few amendments with regards to DCOM security which effect Integra for Notes.

If you experience Microsoft Word or Excel crashes on the server as soon as the Domino server executes a scheduled profile or a web-enabled profile through a browser, then you need to look into your DCOM security settings. You may also find Integra log entries or experience error messages indicating Automation Object Error: Cannot create automation object.

To solve the problem, you need to change the DCOM execution security settings for Microsoft Word and Excel. To do this you need to login onto the server console as a system administrator. Open the Control Panel and select Adminstration--> Tools-->Component Services.

Note: The Microsoft Application Component Service will not be visible under the 64 bit MMC. If your windows installation is a 64bit Windows Server 2008 you need to run mmc in 32 bits mode: mmc -32. Then go to File>Add/Remove Snap-in and add "Component Services". Now you can find Microsoft Excel/Word Application under DCOM Config.

From the Component Services dialog select Component Services->My Computer->DCOM Config->Microsoft Excel Application from the navigator. Tthe following applies also to Microsoft Word Application:

Right click on the entry and select Properties:

In the Security tab you need to configure the users who should have access to the DCOM activities. It is important when you chose the Interactive User in the Identity tab (see further down), that the Interactive user is listed both, in the Launch and Acitvity Permission option and the Access Permission option as shown in the screen shot below. If choose a particular user then this user too has to be listed in the secuirty tab options. The Permission given should include ALL "Local..." options. The "Remote..." options can be selected, but are not required for Integra to function.

In the Identity tab you need to select either the option The interactive user (recommended) or This user, in which case you need to select the user's name and enter the user's login password:


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