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Migrate from Notes

With Integra for Notes one can export lotus notes data into several data formats, allowing both easy importing into Word, Excel, as well as the generation of txt, csv, XML-files to connect your valuable data within Lotus Notes with other systems. Importing into Lotus Notes is also possible with Integra for Notes. This can be done in many different scenarios. You can read more about this at the Import into Lotus Notes page. (not applicable on the web)

Lotus Notes Export to make data available for Excel

Integra for Notes has been designed to facilitate in multiple scenarios of exporting. One could wish for exports of selected documents only, or one would want to export all documents in view. It could be that one wishes to export the entire document, or only a number of fields from that document or combine fields from other documents (for example respons documents) or even documents from another View, another Notes database, or even fields from a non-Notes Database (like SAP, Oracle, SQL, etc.,)

Export can be scheduled, or even made available while using no Notes client, using the browser only.

Integra for Notes has been designed to optimize the interaction between Lotus Notes and Excel, allowing the user to filter, enhance and present data pushed into Excel. The user can manually manipulate the data and automatically send the end result out, as Excel or PDF attachment, or save it to the file system or within Lotus Notes itself. Read more usage scenarios here.

Lotus Notes Export to link to other automated systems

Integra for Notes uses the workflow capabilities of Lotus Notes within it’s Export capabilities as well. Schedule exports to run daily, preparing output files with predefined naming conventions on predefined locations at the file server. or schedule dozens of exports to be run, while using only one agent-slot of your Lotus Notes Domino Server (which will be greatly appreciated by your Notes Administrator!)

Integra for Notes also has import capabilities allowing the user to make imports of all sorts of documents into Notes, filling up specified fields or creating entire new notes documents in the proces. You can read more about this at the Import into Lotus Notes page.

Lotus Notes Export to migrate away from Notes

The fact that Integra for Notes doesn’t need any design changes in the databases you wish to export from, makes it a perfect tool for migrating the data within your Notes environment to the file system, either in Word-, Excel-, TXT- or XML format. In the scenario of a document library database, the Word export provides the capability to fill up meta data fields of Word, while filling up separate Notes fields to specific Wordfields, or alternatively each complete Notes document into a new Word document. It is even possible to combine multiple Notes documents within one Word document, allowing you to store all respons documents to a certain main document in the same Word document.

In the scenario of migrating large amounts of data to make it available for another environment, the TXT or XML export can generate a line within the file for each Notes document, exporting all the fields specified by the user.

If one wishes to enhance the data while exporting, the usage of Excel export could prove to be a wise decision. Tell me more about migrating away from Notes.

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