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This document explains the scope of support provided to clients that are covered by a valid support & maintenance agreement for their usage of Integra for Notes family of products.

Firstly, the agreement covers both maintenance and support. Maintenance is easily defined: the ability of a licensed user to obtain the latest version of the licensed software and to deploy this software to all the servers and clients covered by the license. This includes all point and major releases of the product.

Support covers the provision of assistance in addressing the correct functioning of the licensed Integra software in accordance with its documentation for versions of Integra still officially supported and on operating systems and versions of IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office which are supported by their respective suppliers. Support issues must be reproducible by Shireburn Software on its stated Reference Systems. Support also includes the provision of assistance in the installation and configuration of the software itself. Guidance may be provided with configuration that may be required to the IBM Lotus Domino environment.

Support specifically does not include:
  • assistance in the creation of Integra profiles specifically related to the client's particular exporting or importing needs (i.e. where the client is using Integra to create a custom profile and the assistance relates to the customer specific code)
  • the interoperability with any third-party software with the exception of Microsoft Word & Excel in respect of their integration with Integra
Any question relating to profile creation, support on code examples, education, etc are considered consulting and are not regarded as being a support case.

Shireburn Software Ltd is only obliged to provide support to customers with a valid maintenance & support agreement. Any support that the company may choose to provide to licensed customers not covered by an agreement or by prospective customers evaluating the Integra software is provided without any obligation and on a best efforts basis.

Priority among support cases is established by the order in which the cases are reported and giving consideration to the severity of the problem. A support representative will respond usually within one business day.

Definition of Case Resolution

A case is regarded as being resolved upon providing the client with either of the following:
  • referral to instructions on how to correctly deploy or use the product's feature in question,
  • the provision of advice regarding a work around of alternate proceedings to achieve similar results,
  • the provision of notification of details regarding a scheduled release that will contain a fix for the problem that would otherwise prevent reasonable use of the Integra software,
  • qualification of the case as a feature request that enhances or introduces features beyond the current documented functionality.
Case escalation is invoked internally, according to established QA guidelines that take the factual severity of any problem into account.

Client Responsibilities

So as to ensure speedy resolution of any support issues, Shireburn Software Ltd shall be provided with any necessary information and data files in a timely manner and to the extent requested. Most importantly, the client shall name a contact, that is promptly available during Shireburn's regular office hours of 08:00-17:00 CET, capable and willing to follow Shireburn's support instructions, in an effort to further analyse the reported problem or to apply a reasonable resolution of the above defined types.

Any information, databases and data provided by the client to Shireburn shall be treated confidentially and solely for the purposes of support case resolution and will be deleted or destroyed in accordance with Shireburn's archiving policy in force at the time.


This support policy does not imply, limit or grant any additional product related warranties or liabilities, as those are governed solely by each product's software license agreement. This support policy is subject to change without notification at Shireburn Software Ltd's sole discretion.


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