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How to configure Integra for the web


When running web-enabled Integra profiles, the entire processing is done on the server.

Installing the Integra for Notes database

Please refer to the user manual for the correct and detailed installation procedure. Just a few important points:


If you are using the Integra for Notes template (.ntf) to create a new Integra for Notes database then you must install the template on a local workstation (not on the server) and do not create a replica of the Integra template on the server. If you require an Integra template on your server, then physically copy the file into the Domino data directory. The manual is explaining the reason for this unusual requirement. Once you created the Integra for Notes database from the template you can certainly create a replica of the Integra database on your server.

If you received and evaluation copy of the Integra for Notes database (.nsf), you can either install it first on a workstation and then create a replica or physically copy it into the server's Domino data directory.

Again: you can create replicas of the Integra for Notes database, you can NOT create replicas of the Integra for Notes template!


Sign the template and the Integra for Notes database with the server's ID file. If this is not possible for administrative reasons, then use a user ID file that has all required rights to execute any type of agent on the server (formula, script, Java; restricted and unrestricted)


You need to add the required Integra for Notes design elements to your Notes source database in which you want to run web-enabled Integra profiles from. These design elements are all open code and therefore the database is not a container for any closed code. To facilitate the creation of these design elements, the Tools action button located in your Integra database, provides a function which automatically pushes these design elements into the source database.
You need to do this AFTER signing the Integra database. You can repeat the process of integrating (inheriting) these design elements as often as required.


Set the ACL of both the Notes source database as well as the Integra for Notes database. With regards to the Integra database a minimum of Author access with the rights to create documents is required. If you want anonymous (browser) users to access your Notes databases and be able to launch Integra reports, you need to have the proper licensing in place, as Integra for Notes is by default on a named-user base. Contact for more details.

If you have also installed an Integra log database you also need to add the users/groups to the ACL of the log database, again with Author rights and the rights to create new documents.


You need to set the Integra database to be used for running Web-enabled profiles on the server. This is done from the Configuration screen's Web tab.


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