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Ad-Hoc reporting to Excel - see Video

Integra Quick Reports allows end-users to generate ad-hoc reports to Excel as well as mail merge letters and labels to Word from data in any Lotus Notes database. Consisting of an easy to use 4 step wizard, Quick Reports allows end- user to:
  • Step 1 - determine the data contents of their report
  • Step 2 - in the case of an Excel based report, to determine the sort order of data and use of grouping and subtotalling, while in the case of a Word mail merge or labels, the layout of the Word document.
  • Step 3 - select data to report on by filtering using user defined conditions
  • Step 4 - determine output options such e-mailing and converting to PDF (Excel only) and saving/sharing Quick Reports for future use.
The simple 4 step wizard allows end-users with very limited knowledge of Lotus Notes to generate a quick report to Excel or Word without having to resort to the assistance of a Notes Developer allowing a speedy means of accessing data for further analysis, charting, reporting and mailings. Once available in Excel, the user is able to work with the data, generating graphs, pivot tables, macros and all the other standard features of the powerful Excel desktop tool, while Word mail merges and labels leverage the formatting capabilities of Word with support for graphics, tables etc. Integra Quick Reports are also able to be saved and shared with other users for reuse.

In addition to creating and saving their own ad-hoc reports, users of Integra Quick Reports are also able to run predefined profiles created using Integra for Notes as companies deploying both products will be able to provide one interface to users to access both the predefined reports probably created by developers as well as generating ad-hoc reports.

The main benefit that Integra Quick Reports provides is the ability to delegate simple reporting and mailing tasks out to end-users and thus to reduce the bottleneck of report creation by developers.

Integra Quick Reports is licensed on a per-user basis within the same Notes domain with the product being available in license packs starting with 25 and decreasing in price per user when choosing 100, 250, 500, 1,000 etc. Enterprise licensing is also available on request. More information about licensing can be found here. Pricing information can be found here.

Customers only needing to provide end-user ad-hoc reporting functionality are able to deploy Integra Quick Reports without needing to license Integra for Notes. In addition, a company with a centralised Integra profile creation policy is able to deploy Integra for Notes on one development server and then deploy Quick Reports licenses to end-users on multiple workstations and servers as Integra Quick Reports provides a runtime license for running reports created using Integra for Notes.

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