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Does Integra for Notes Support Rich Text?

Integra supports the export of Notes Rich text into Word documents as well as the importing of Word documents into Notes documents with the documents being either attached, embedded or stored as rich-text. Rich text is not supported for Excel or Text export or import because Excel and text files do not themselves support Rich text.

To export a Notes Rich text field, the field needs to be added to the Selected Field List in the Integra profile and the profile's Export Type needs to be set to Advanced COM. No further settings are necessary as at run-time Integra validates whether a particular field in the Selected Field List is of type Rich text.

Integra supports the following Rich text contents (within the converting constraints of the Windows Clipboard feature):
  • Text in any font, size and color
  • Text-lists
  • Tables
  • Images
  • OLE
  • URLs
Due to limitations in the Notes API, Word and in the Windows clipboard feature, as well as the different methods of identifying some features in each product, the exporting of the following data elements by Integra may not result in full fidelity:
  • Doc-links
  • Bookmarks
  • Notes bullet points
  • Tables
  • Images if they are originated from the Notes design Image Resource
  • Embedded Notes Elements such as embedded Views
  • Attachments
    Integra supports both UI driven and API driven export for Notes Rich Text fields. The default export method is API driven. To switch between methods refer to the stats.ApiExpRT property. Releases prior to 4.0 support only UI driven export.

    Has the size of the Rich Text content of a single exported Notes document an impact to the memory management?

    Yes, it has. There are certainly limitations to the size of a Windows clipboard entry. However, in an every day situation the contents of a single Notes Rich text field will hardly exceed these limitations.

    Does the number of documents selected have an impact on the Rich text export?

    Judging from our experience, the answer is no, not apart from the length of time required to undertake the export. Having said this, we have been testing the Rich text export for a few hundred documents in a single run only. The Integra Rich text support is not suitable to export Rich text contents of thousands of documents in a single run. This as Integra has to create and open a Notes document for every Rich text field exported, hence the performance of this procedure is obviously not very high. It is possible that Notes respectively Windows will run into memory problems when running a Rich text export profile on too many documents.

    The export of Notes Rich text data is not a high performing feature and is not meant to be used for mass exports. However, there seems to be no particular limitation in the number of Notes documents selected for the export to Word with regards to the use of Notes Rich text fields. The method of creating temporary documents at runtime, which are opened, closed and deleted per Rich text field, has been successfully tested on several hundred Notes documents.


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