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This page is designed to provide technical information related to the configuration and installation of Integra for Notes as well as the hardware and software requirements for running Integra.

Lotus Domino/Notes Version Requirements
Integra for Notes requires the use of the Lotus Notes Collaboration Client 6.5 or later (up to version 11) for Windows NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7. Integra for Notes 3.0 onwards supports web browser based execution of Integra profiles for exports.

The Integra for Notes database can be hosted on a Domino 6.5 or above (up to version 11) server or a local workstation running Lotus Notes 6.x or above (up to version 11). While the Notes R6.x or later Windows client must be used to run Integra, it is possible for an Integra profile to be written to access data which is residing in a database hosted on any version of the Domino server. All supported operating system versions of Domino R6 or later (up to version 11) are supported by Integra for Notes.

Scheduled profiles in Integra automate the running of an Integra profile according to a timed schedule. Web profiles in Integra allow the running of an Integra profile from a web browser. Execution of profiles is possible on both Windows and non-Windows (such as AIX, Linux, Solaris, etc.) platforms. Certain profile configurations require that MS Office is installed on the Domino server. A work-around for this is to run scheduled profiles on a Windows based Notes Client on a separate workstation (see FAQ: Running Integra Schedules profiles on a local workstation).

Microsoft Word & Excel Versions Requirements
Integra for Notes has been successfully tested on Word & Excel 2000, Word & Excel XP, Word & Excel 2007, Word & Excel 2010 and Word & Excel 2013. Please note that the new Office XML file formats are currently not supported by Integra. Although not all non-English versions of Word and Excel have been tested with Integra, positive feedback has been received from customers using a wide range of languages and no reported issues are outstanding as at this point. (see FAQ - Support of non-English versions of Microsoft Word and Excel).

Microsoft Windows Version Requirements
Integra for Notes has been successfully tested with all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


A key benefit provided by Integra for Notes is that installation is so straight-forward. No executable code or DLL's are required on user workstations or servers. All the functionality available in Integra for Notes is contained within a single Integra database nsf. Execution of Integra is effected by clicking on the Integra Smarticon while located in a database into which an import is to be made or from which an export is to be made.

The Installation of the SmartIcon on client workstations is achieved very easily by sending an e-mail containing an Install button which automatically deploys a SmartIcon onto the user's Notes SmartIcon toolbar. This e-mail is able to be automatically generated from within the Integra database itself. No visits to client workstations are required for the installation of Integra for Notes.

Shireburn has created a comprehensive set of manuals covering the End-User process, the profile creators' manual, Integra for Notes Installation & Configuration Manual with the installation procedures required for implementing Integra for Notes and the upgrade manual. Advanced Developer documentation is also available on-line on the web site. To access the Integra for Notes manuals in Acrobat PDF format, click here.

Integra for Notes ships with a set of sample profiles which allow you to get business value out of Integra immediately. These profiles can also be dissected to allow you to better understand the creation of Integra profiles.

Integra for Notes requires no code to be added to your existing Notes databases for them to be able to be subjected to import, export and reporting. This means that you are able to guarantee the continued integrity of your applications and no regression testing is required to be undertaken to your applications to deploy Integra for Notes. This does not apply for web profiles.

Integra for Notes preserves and respects the security of your databases only allowing users to access and report on data within databases in accordance to their ACL settings and other security features of the database they are accessing.

Profiles in Integra for Notes can be deployed selectively. Each profile contains a Reader names field and an Author Names field to allow you to select the users or groups to whom the profile will be deployed while also controlling who can modify the profile.

Integra for Notes supports features through which Word and Excel's in-built protection facilities can be set within a profile. For instance, this allows Integra to create an Excel spreadsheet containing data exported from a Notes database and to apply protection to the spreadsheet blocking it from being changed or only allowing certain cells to be changed. This allows reports to be created from Notes data and modifications to the reports to be disallowed.

Integra for Notes is licensed on a per user basis, and is available in three versions. See more details re licensing.

Language Support
The runtime versions of Integra for Notes used by the end-user as well as Integra Quick Reports are available in German, French, Italian and Spanish as well as English. The products will automatically work in these languages if their Regional Profile preference is set to one of these languages. Read more about language support.


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