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This page identifes a list of all current Issues & Fixes for Integra for Notes. The Issues & Fixes are sorted in descending order of date of last modification. Issues modified within the last 15 days are shown with the icon shown alongside.
The listing is able to be sorted by title as well as by the last modification date (ascending) simply by clicking on the arrows in the column headings. Should you still not find the guidance you require from the Issues & Fixes, feel free to contact us at

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TitleCan be sorted ascendingPublishedCan be sorted descending
Running Integra scheduled profiles or web-enabled profiles with pdf conversion using Omniformat and / or PDF995 Suite.05/23/2005
Maximum allowable documents exceeded for a temporary index02/14/2005
Maximum of 5000 documents exported by Integra09/16/2011
Notes error: Adding entry will cause text list to exceed 64K. Entry not added when using category field formulae04/30/2008
'Microsoft Word : Bad Parameter' error message04/14/2008
Runtime error message in procedure [RTWizard_Postopen] 154, 91, Object variable not set06/15/2005
Runtime error message [Utilities.IntegraGetView.POFU] RuntimeProfileSelection05/25/2006
Automation Object Error in [FileExport.Word Activate] Code Line 4604/11/2006
Multilevel subtotals are in wrong position05/26/2005
"The web page you are viewing is trying to close the window. Do you want to close this window?" when running web-enabled profiles02/24/2005
Documents exported multiple times11/10/2004
Lock Failed: Current document is locked for editing by another user10/23/2004
List of profiles remains blank when running Integra using the SmartIcon11/03/2004
Field is too large error10/12/2004
Export Current View to Excel profile stops working under Integra for Notes 4.110/13/2004
Export View To Excel fails on Integra for Notes 4.109/27/2004
Honour the $KeepPrivate field04/16/2004
Logging & Debugging Integra activity01/10/2004
Special Configuration of Acrobat Distiller01/04/2004
Export profiles crash Notes 6 client in mixed Notes/Domino 5 and 6 environments04/01/2004
Integra Notes 6 Toolbar installer doesn't register the Integra database in the Notes.ini05/18/2003
Prompt for Document Properties on each Export03/26/2003
Why are some fields not exported to Excel Columns06/16/2003
Broadcasted SmartIcon Install button returns Bulk Decryption Key error05/18/2003
Scheduled Integra profiles resulting in no output03/06/2003
Integra profiles run manually but not when scheduled03/06/2003
"Database has not been opened yet" Error on Running Integra SmartIcon04/28/2004
Inability to select form fields from within Integra12/12/2003

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