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Case Studies

The Case Studies listed here will give you a form of guidance as to understand the scenarios in which Integra4Notes has been successfully used and the value being obtained by these clients.

Case Studies:

  • Behr Group - Leader in innovations for vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling
  • Coloplast - Health Care products and Services

  • Dounreay - UK's centre of fast reactor research and development
  • VF Corporation - manufacturers of leading clothing brands like Wrangler, The North Face, Nautica and Lee.
  • Gunn-JCB - construction equipment manufacturer.

What Customers Are Saying About Integra4Notes

"At Associated Wholesale Grocers, our Customer Support Center uses Integra for Notes along with GWI's c.Support software. Integra has given us the ability to develop reports used to enhance our problem management process, analyze problem areas, and monitor trends. One of the most beneficial aspects for us was the ability to schedule these reports to run on the server itself, eliminating the manual process we had to go through in the past."

Wendy Schimmel - Customer Support Center
Associated Wholesale Grocers, USA

"With new contracts from major clients, the pressure to bring accurate information and rich reporting to our organization became imperative. Our clients demanded better than they had ever done for themselves. At the Macservice Group we needed a robust proven solution with seamless integration and low maintenance.

With centralized development of advanced imports and reports in Integra for Notes, combined with the adhoc reporting capabilities of Integra Quick Reports, we finally found what we have been looking for."
Bernie Lebenbaum - Technical Director
The Macservice Group, Australia

"Integra for Notes proved to be a great tool for migrating our Notes and Word documents from our Quality Data Management System in Lotus Notes to Documentum. It saved us a lot of time, especially as we were able to change the layout of the Word document while migrating. In addition, we experienced some great support from the Integra team during this mass migration."
Pierre Burget - Project Leader
Becton Dickinson, France

"Integra's ease of use has saved us many hours of doing special Notes application coding, including manual or agent-based exports. We highly recommend it!"
Dick Schubert - Application Development Manager
VF Corporation, USA

"We have been very satisfied with the commitment and effort the solution team has shown on this project, which gave us the end result we required.."
Rasmus Nielsen - IT Coordinator
Coloplast, Denmark

"Our Environmental Health & Safety department uses a Notes database to do weekly Request For Action (RFA) reporting. In the past, they exported the data they needed into an Excel spreadsheet using conventional Notes methods, but this proved to be inefficient since there was no way to easily organize a presentable report.

Using Integra for Notes, I created a profile that calculates all the closed RFA's from the previous week and scheduled it to export this data into an Excel template every Monday at 1 a.m. The person responsible for the report now arrives at work on Monday mornings to find it sitting on the network, ready to be distributed!

Integra not only made exporting data from Notes to Excel easy, the outcome was overly impressive and equally productive."
Jeremy Robinson - Programmer/Notes Designer
Bredero Price Company, USA

"Integra is a perfect tool for users to quickly program most unusual reports. No other software on the market is that efficient."
Pavel Ivanov - Information Systems Manager
International Science & Technology Centre, Russia

"We provide corporate services to a number of customers who need a very quick response time. Forms used to be a time-consuming part of our job where details had to be copied manually from the Notes database onto each respective form. I highly recommend Integra for Notes, as within ten minutes I was already creating a basic profile without looking at the help file. The profile was immediately available to staff who started using the forms with minimal training."
David Mallia
Portman Consultants International Ltd, Malta
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